Foundation 1. FC Köln

1. FC Köln stands for passionate football, meaningful values and a one-of-a-kind mix for Köln tradition and innovation. The club is aware of its role and responsibilities in society and in a social context as the biggest sporting organisation in the region. In the 1. FC Köln Foundation, FC brings together the diverse range of social engagements and projects. There is a reason why the motto of the FC-Foundation is based upon the title of the FC Hymne: “Mer stonn zo Dir”. FC wants to give something back to the region and the people who need help, who always stand by the club through thick and thin.

The FC-Foundation is engaged mainly in a regional sense and operates many projects within the area. The majority of said projects relate to sport and education. With these projects, the FC-Foundation wants to bring people together through the club and integrate them into society through these offerings. A further important point of the FC-Foundation is the homeless help.

The offering of the FC-Foundation is for children and young people, first and foremost. But also, for adults who require support. There are also plenty of projects to support them.

Due to the many emergencies and wars in the past few years, the topic of “immediate help” as also come to the fore. First, the Corona Pandemic and then the flooding catastrophe in western Germany. After that came the Russian war against Ukraine. All of these crises became Foundation work, in order to help those in need.


To promote its statutory purposes, the 1. FC Köln Foundation relies on the support of society as a whole as well as and the passion and commitment of dedicated people. The help of its supporters is wide-ranging in order to build up perspectives together.

All donations are used exclusively for the charitable purposes of the Foundation and its projects. In addition to donations, there is the possibility of an endowment. It increases the foundation's assets and thus secures its existence. Sub-foundations do not have to be used for projects within a time frame. Donations to the FC-Foundation are tax-deductible as charitable contributions.

Different kinds of donations

Monetary donations
Donate instead of gifts
Inheritances and legacies

Foundation principle
Purpose of the Foundation
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